All rules and regulations made by FYSPS are binding. 

No rules will be altered after the season begins. 

ASA rules will apply except where we feel it would benefit our teams’ enjoyment and involvement.



A team consists of 10 players, however your team may play with only 9, but it will be an automatic out in the batting order.  A team will forfeit with less than 9 players.

The use of an ILLEGAL PLAYER will result in forfeiture of any and all games that the player participated in.

Teams MUST be ready to play at their scheduled time–if a team is NOT ready to play ten (10) minutes after their scheduled time, they shall FORFEIT to the opposing team.

The game will be 7 innings or 55 minutes long.

No new inning will start with less than 5 minutes left in the game.

If after the 7th inning the game is tied, and ONLY if there is time remaining within the 55 MINUTE TIME LIMIT, extra innings will be played to try to break the tie.  However, if the 55 minute time limit has expired a TIE ball game will be officially declared a TIE.

Field dimensions are as follows:  

12 & Under–pitching mound–40’

15 & Under–pitching mound—50’

16 & Under–pitching mound—50’ 

18 & Under–pitching mound–50’

An 11” softball will be used by all the players in all divisions    

An 12” softball will be used by only the boys in the U16 & U18 coed division

A roster of all attending players must be submitted to the opposing teams scorekeepers PRIOR to the start of the game.  The names and numbers of all players must be shown on the roster. 


A player may not be added to a roster once the game has started. 

If a player is not present when it is their turn to bat it will be an automatic out.

RUN RULE: If after three (3) innings of play, there is a fifteen (15) run difference OR after four (4) innings a ten (10) run difference the umpire shall declare the game official.

No intentional rolling of the ball will be allowed…the runner will be called safe.

Any game may be declared official by the umpire if the game cannot proceed because of the weather.  If the game is less than three (3) innings in length and or less than 1/2 hour in length, the game may be rescheduled and replayed from the beginning.

NO INFIELD PRACTICE is allowed prior to the start of the game. 

If a team has two (2) forfeits—NO CALL/NO SHOW– that team will be out of the league for the remainder of the season.

If you team is unable to play your scheduled game you must contact us by 2:00pm that day. 

The game will be made up only if time is available or if it will make a difference in the standings.

The baserunner is NOT permitted to steal bases or lead off any base until the ball has been hit.

The Infield Fly rule will be used by all divisions EXCEPT the 10 & Under divisions.

The A.H. (additional hitter) may also be used in all divisions.

If a team begins play with the normally allowed number of players, that team may continue a game with one less player than it started with, WHENEVER a player leaves the game for sickness or injury ONLY (if only 8 players left, the team forfeits)  If the player leaving the game is a runner, he/she shall be declared out.  When the player who has left the game is scheduled to bat, an out shall be declared for each turn at bat.  The player who has left the game cannot return to the lineup.

EXCEPTION:  A player who has left the game under the blood rule, may return.

A team may “BRING UP” – a rostered player from our program – ONLY FROM THE DIVISION DIRECTLY BELOW THEIRS – to play on their team to prevent them from forfeiting a game. 

If a bat is thrown UNINTENTIONALLY, the player will be issued ONE warning and the coach notified.  If that same player throws the bat again during that game, he/she will be ejected for the remainder of that game.  If a bat is thrown INTENTIONALLY that player will be ejected from the remainder of that game AND the next game.  NO WARNING REQUIRED.

PROFANITY RULE:  prior to the start of each game the umpire will give ONE warning and only ONE warning to the coaches of each team stating that profanity WILL NOT be tolerated.  The first offense will be immediate ejection from that game.  An offense originating from the dugout will result in the coach being ejected for that game.  There are NO appeals. 

Profanity at the Floyd Softball Complex will not be tolerated

Fans will be warned once by the umpire for bad sportsmanship, language, and behavior.  If the harassment continues, the umpire will ask them to leave the complex and/or declare the game suspended.

A warning for arguing or heckling by any coach and/or player will be given-the second offense WILL result in suspension from that AND the next game.


There will be NO Alcoholic beverages and/or controlled substances allowed at any practices or games.  Smoking is not allowed on the field OR in the dugout. 

PROTESTED GAME RULES:  A protested game can result when there is a difference of opinion on the field between the protesting team and the umpire regarding the application or interpretation of the printed rules–you cannot protest an umpires’ judgment call–the intention to protest a rule must be made known by the coach of the protesting team to the plate umpire immediately and BEFORE the next pitch is made to the batter.

A formal protest must be filed in writing along with $25.00 within twenty-four (24) hours and must contain the following information:

            :the date, time and place of the game.

            :name of the umpire(s)

            :the rule which the protest is being filed.

            :the decision and/or conditions surrounding the cause for the protest

            :all essential facts involved in the matter of the protest

The decision made on a protested game may result in:

            :the protest is found invalid and the games’ score stands as played

            :the protest is allowed, the game is resumed at point of protest

            :the protest is allowed, game is forfeited in favor of the team not at fault

If the protest is found in the protesting teams favor, the $25.00 will be returned, however, if the protest is not found in the protesting teams favor the $25.00 is forfeited.